Thank You for Your Contribution Letter Template

Thank You for Your Contribution Letter Templates


Download these image printable Thank You for Your Contribution Letter Templates or use the text version below to help you create the best letter outline.

Thank You for Your Contribution


*** Print it on your organization’s letterhead ***

Name of organization
Address of Recipient
City, State Zip Code
To whom it may concern,

[Write the name of organization and department] has successfully organized an event on [write date and day here] at [write location here]. More than 1000 people have joined this event and we are happy that we successfully aware these people about anti-crime. We have successfully celebrated the anti-crime day.

Just because of your help and support our celebrations got a huge success. Thank you so much for joining our [write name of event]. We really appreciate your donation and contribution to making this event successful.

Your generous help and support really strengthen and foster the awareness of community people. It also encourages these kinds of events to be held in the near future.

On behalf of [write name of department], we wish to extend our sincere thanks to you and your organization. We are a wonderful community of outstanding residents, business and organizations. Thank you so much once again for your generosity and support.

We look forward to continuing work together.


Your Name
Your Designation


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