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it is never an easy task to create a General Public Meeting Agenda because of the diverse nature of its audience. You are not sure who is going to join you and what particular layout he/she likes.

It is kinda best practice to use a professional layout and attractive contents to help your marketing team convincing the audience.

Proper use of marketing language and distinctive agenda layout is unavoidable for the success of any public gathering or meeting.

Here is a Public Meeting Agenda Template that I created to help managers in creating their own such agendas quickly (at least this is, where I can help you). In this template, you can easily specify details of topics being discussed and their respective time. You can also include some special instructions for your audience as well as venue location and address. However, you need to have Microsoft Word 2010 or later version installed on your PC to use it.

It will probably work find with MS Word 2007 as well but I have not tried it.

Here is a preview of this Public Meeting Agenda Template,


Here is a download link,

Download Public Meeting Agenda Template


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