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Meeting Agenda Templates – Make it Fun Meeting

Meeting Agenda Templates – Make it Fun Meeting


Turning a boring meeting into a fun meeting could be a very tricky task for you but keeping your meeting attendees is a very necessary thing to make your official meeting effective, productive, progressive and fruitful.

If your meeting attendees are not active during meeting, then you can have clear vision for the outcome your meeting at the spot. Dull participants can’t suggest you anything progressive for making things better as they will never concentrated on what is being discussed during meeting session.

If you will try to add little bit levity in your official meeting, it will surely keep everyone alert and actively participating in meeting.

Another tactic could be to make up your participants mind with something unexpected to come. Such impressions can be communicated through a colorful and fun meeting agenda that it self speak up for fun and excitement coming ahead. Here is preview of this Fun Meeting Agenda Template,

This agenda template is created using MS Word and you can find its download link below,

Download Meeting Agenda Template for Fun Meetings


For making your business meeting an interesting meeting, some steps are going to be discussed hereunder:

  • Try to take a very energetic start instead of taking a routine or traditional start with some regular word of speech. Serving coffee or snakes with tea will give your participants an energy boost. People who will never be attentive at the start of meeting, after taking this refreshment will surely boost up their level of activeness.
  • Write a strong meeting agenda for your meeting before the startup time of the meeting. Organizing meeting agenda beforehand will help you kicking off bored and dull topics to let them replace with some interesting topics that people would generally enthusiastic about. Interesting topics if added to your meeting will surely re-energized be brainstorming level of meeting participants by bringing out more effective solutions.


  • Rather than using dull, boring and traditional black and white graphical displays, you should add colorful graphics displays. Using PowerPoint presentations will more effectively grab your participants’ attention.
  • During your ongoing meeting, don’t forget to take regular breaks as it will not make your meeting time bored and dull for participants. Try to provide snacks or another kind of refreshments to liven up the participants. Aside from regular topics that are already being discussed during the meeting, you should talk about some other topics to keep your participants energetic and active.


  • Rather than using the official room that you always use for conducting a meeting, try to arrange an upcoming meeting somewhere outside in pleasant weather. This will give your meeting attendees a feel of freshness and will encourage them to heartedly being a part of this interesting meeting. You can encourage participants to bring some snacks, lunch or barbeque if you are arranging your official meeting outside of your office.


  • One useful point could be of eliminating the chairs from your meeting room as doing so will definitely keep your participants active and alert. One more advantage of this practice would be that the meeting will be short and to-the-point.


  • Putting a limit on your meeting agenda will keep your discussions on track and every participant of your meeting will try to hit only his/her main points instead of adding useless discussions. Time constraint would be a very powerful tool to make your participants ready to speak to-the-point and hurriedly without wastage of time.

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