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Agenda Template – PTA (Parent-Teacher Association)


PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) often arranges meetings on monthly or bi-annually to help reduce the gap between teachers and parents no matter what country or type of school is being discussed.

PTA Agenda is usually more centered towards the association’s activities, reports, and actions or proposed course of actions to meet some agreed-upon goals.

In this Template, a sample list of agenda items is specified including an important activity of voting for a secretary (purposed to be selected in next meeting) and an item about a night party where new connections are made.

Similarly, the later section includes presenting different reports created by the research & analysis department of the association to be discussed. These are just sample agenda items included to help you give an overview as what kind of agenda items should be included in it.

However, you are free to delete them and start with your own way as per your PTA rules & regulations.

Here is a preview of this PTA Agenda Template:

Here is the download link for this PTA Agenda Template created using MS Word 2019

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