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Agenda Template with Notes

Agenda Template with Notes


It is also a good habit to write down important points as notes during an official meeting. Here is one such Agenda Template with Notes created using Microsoft Word 2007, 2019 to help managers and important staff members to quickly and effectively record meeting proceedings. There are two major portions of this word template: List of Agenda Items and Space for Notes with reference to each and every Agenda Item.

Official meetings are always focused around known issues and hence an agenda document is distributed before meeting to help participants do their preparation. It is also common to miss very important points discussed during a meeting that might raise serious questions later on when the actual proceedings would occur.

Moreover, such notes are really useful to help meeting organizers to prepare formal Meetings of Minutes and distribute it after the meeting is finished. In this template, the reader can easily read all the agenda items and then write his/her notes with reference to its corresponding reference number (A-1, A-2 etc).

Here is a preview of this Meeting Agenda Template with Notes feature,

Here is a download link for this Agenda Template with Notes,

Download Agenda Template with Notes

Tips for Taking Important Meeting Notes:

Here are some useful tips while writing notes for any meeting,

  • Important points shouldn’t be too long. So try to write short information regarding your point (preferred to be one sentence).
  • Take extra care to write notes against its related Agenda Item reference number. It is especially important when several agenda items are actually moving across one big issue.
  • If possible, try to use electronic format to write notes rather than your own handwriting which is difficult to read actually. You can plan to use a tablet or smartphones if possible.
  • Once you are done taking notes, it is important to read them again. Since you will have fresh memory so you might want to alter or adjust it for later recalling.


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