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Agenda Template in Orange Theme Templates

Agenda Template in Orange Theme Templates


Should you need to use a creative and colorful meeting agenda template, here is an agenda template with Orange Theme. It allows you to emphasize more on the short meeting agenda and also allows you to highlight important information with distinct look & feel. In order to use this agenda template, you have to specify Meeting Title as the main and topmost entity.

Other than that, you have to attach your company’s logo, date & time of venue, agenda item title and its corresponding detail. It is a good practice to first create a draft agenda on a simple paper and then conduct an unofficial meeting with all the main organizers to finalize appropriate agenda item titles and their brief descriptions.

Remember, some words may lead towards great ambiguity as far as official terminology is concerned hence selection of words in official writing should be given appropriate importance.

Such agenda templates are usually useful when creative directors of an advertising agency met with each other on the upcoming challenge of the project. Colorful documents make it a little bit more exciting to participate in an official meeting and express their creative ideas and artwork.

It is also strongly recommended to use creative design fro meeting agendas particular used in creative business industries to help people to grasp it easily.

Usually, business meetings are intended for serious participants and required pen drop silence to concentrate but if you are not related to that concentrated industry, you should have fun with conducting meetings and communicating with its participants.

Here is a preview of this Agenda Template in Orange Theme:


Here is a detailed tip as for how you can better use above agenda template

  • It is important to note that it is only useful if you have a short number of agenda items and don’t need a lot of items to list such as conference agendas etc.
  • While it is easy to resize each and every agenda item graphics shown in the above agenda template preview still we feel that it should b avoided to keep the same look & feel.
  • Use three to four (3 to 4) words as the short title of each and every agenda item and then write it accurately.
  • Similarly, describe each agenda item in the appropriate words to express briefly as what is going to be discussed in these agenda items.
  • These agenda items are created using Microsoft Word and hence it is very easy to use or alter this as per demands or specific requirements of the meeting.
  • Don’t include follow up items or actions in this list.
  • Don’t include instructions or pre-requisites for the participants in this document. Better to use an extra cover sheet to communicate such crucial information.

Here is download for this Agenda Template using Orange Theme:

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